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Hudson Valley Travel Teams

Hillcrest's travel teams participate in the Hudson Valley Chapter of U.S. Lacrosse.  The philosophy of the Hudson Valley Chapter is to promote the game of lacrosse for all players without and overemphasis on winning and losing.  There are no playoffs and no standings, each game is just that, a game.

We currently field teams in 3 age groups (both boys and girls) based on the current school grade of the player:


  • 3/4 Grade 
  • 5/6 Grade
  • 7/8 Grade



2021 - COVID -19 UPDATE - there will be limited games ~5 per team at Tibbetts or local fields (for away games) - We are using TIBBETTS as our home field - Friday evenings and Saturdays 10am - 5pm - for our practices and HOME games

We are not participating in Jamborees this season as they are not happening due to crowd control from COVID.

The travel teams play approximately 8-10 games per season and may participate in jamborees or tournaments if available.  Home games and practices are generally on Fridays and Saturdays while away games can be on any day.  Home games and practices are usually at TBD in Yonkers while away games and jamborees may be anywhere in the Hudson Valley.  Our younger teams will generally play their away games against local teams.


Player / Parent Code of Conduct

  • Players on the Hudson Valley travel teams represent Hillcrest against opponents from other towns and lacrosse leagues and as such, players AND parents are expected to conduct themselves with the highest degree of sportsmanship, win or lose.
  • Hillcrest's lacrosse coaches are empowered by Hillcrest to remove from a game or practice any player or parent
    • who uses profanity toward players, referees, coaches, opponents, or opposing parents,
    • who verbally abuses players, referees, coaches, opponents, or opposing parents,
    • who engages in fighting
    • who is intoxicated
  • Parents are expected to notify coaches if their son/daughter cannot make a game or practice at least 2 hours before the start time.
  • Parents are expected to have their players at games or practices ON TIME as determined by their coach.