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T-Ball Division: Coed

Register for Softball and Age Appropriate Players will be placed in T-Ball



  • This division is for players that are 4 or 6 years old (generally kindergarten and 1st grade).
  • This division is coed. Listed under softball for girls but will be co-ed t-ball (smaller ball, not a softball).
  • This division is non-competitive, there are no standings recorded.
  • Participation trophies are awarded to all players.
  • Teams are selected, generally 11 or 12 players per team.
  • "Games" only played against other Hillcrest teams.
  • Each child participates in the batting order and fielding positions. 
  • There is NO pitching in this division. All batters hit off a tee.
  • All players will receive a Hillcrest T-shirt and baseball hat.
  • Schedules cannot be set until coaches are selected, teams are formed and field permits secured but generally there is 1weekday game and 1weekend game.
Cut-Off Date:
  • The date used to determine a players age is their age on December 31 of the PRIOR calendar year.
  • Age eligible players are as follows: .
  • Players that are too young will not be permitted to participate for insurance purposes.
  • Players that are too old for this division will be moved to the appropriate division.
  • If your child is 6 years old (based on cut-off dates above) and you would like to move them up to the next division of play, they must attend the tryouts for the Instructional Division and be accepted into the Instructional Division by the Baseball Committee.
  • 5 year olds are not permitted to move up to the next division.
Tentative Schedule:
  • Registration will open February 1 and remain open until mid-March.
  • Teams will be selected late March.
  • Practices/games (weather permitting) will begin in mid-late April.
  • Seaosn will conclude early-mid June.