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Historically, the Yonkers Soccer Federation (the collection of recreational clubs in Yonkers) does NOT form a soccer league to play games in the winter due to lack of indoor space (and prohibitive costs).  The Hillcrest Lakers have offered a winter soccer clinic for 5-8 year olds (generally 1st-3rd graders). This program is run by contracted trainers and focuses on skill development, of course while having fun and playing some small internal "games". Teams are not selected, rather all participants (co-ed) are grouped by age and train together.  This eliminates the need for volunteer coaches for teams and allows for participants to miss a session if they have a conflict without the worry of a team not having a sufficient number of players. 
This clinic will be offered on a limited basis (i.e. there are only a certain number so spots available so that the trainers can adequately train the participants.   
Location:        To be determined, but to be held in a gym in Yonkers.
Day/Time:      Saturday afternoons.  Session times will be Saturday afternoons.
Start/End:      Early-mid December for 8-9 weekends (when gyms are open).
Cost:               It is expected to cost will be $75. 
Registration:  Will open when gym availability is determined.
  • For Hillcrest members participating in Hillcrest basketball, there may be a conflict on a weekend or two, but it is not anticiapted there will be many conflicts.
  • Unfortunately, for interested participants OLDER than 8 years old, gym space is limited and there is no program offered. if you are interested in, please see the Travel Soccer tab.
For more information, e-mail yonkersunited@aol.com