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Instructional Division (Kindergarten & 1st Grade)


  • This division is for players attending kindergarten and 1st graders as of 12/31 of the current year. 
  • Please note, when registering your child, kindergarten = grade 0, pre-k=grade -1.
  • The objective of this division is to teach participants the fundamentals of the game.  While players are on "teams" the focus is more on practice and teaching than playing full games. During each session, there will generally be time set aside for a "game" at the end of the session, typically with another team sharing the gym, but this age group is more focused on learning while having fun.
  • This division is non-competitive, there are no standings recorded.
  • Generally, this division is not coed.  Attempts will be made to separate the players into teams based on both gender and age in order for an entire team to be at a similar level of learning.
  • Participation trophies are awarded to all players and each player will receive a Hillcrest t-shirt..
  • Teams are selected, generally 10-12 players per team.
  • Schedules cannot be set until coaches are selected, teams are formed and field permits secured but generally, there is one session on Saturday for this age group (60 minutes).
  • The sessions for this level of play take place with an "instructional rim" which can be lowered to approximately 8 feet.

Competitive Divisions (2nd - 8th grades)


  • See below for cut-off dates related to different divisions.
  • These divisions are competitive divisions where games are played. 
  • There are tryouts held prior to the team selection process for the purpose of attempting to create balanced teams.  Players should try to attend these tryouts.
  • All players that register on time during the registration period will be drafted on a team. Those registering past the deadline may not be drafted on a team and will only be drafted on a team if (a) there is an open spot and (b) it does not change the "competitive balance" created when teams were selected.
  • Requests are not honored in the Competitive Divisions, except siblings playing on the same team.
  • Games and practices are either on weekdays or Saturdays (no Sundays) with each team generally participating twice a week.
  • Generally, all games are played against other Hillcrest teams in the same division (only in instances where there are not enough Hillcrest teams to form a division will the teams play other clubs).

Cut-Off Dates:

  • The date used to determine a players grade is their grade as of 12/31 of the CURRENT YEAR. 
  • If your child is NOT 5 years old by 12/31 of the current year they are ineligible to play for insurance purposes. 
  • Players that are too old for a division cannot be moved down without permission of the Basketball Committee.
  • All competitive divisions are Grade appropriate, therefore players do not move up to the next division. 

Tentative Schedule:

  • Registration will open October 25th and remain open until late November.
  • Teams will be selected late November.
  • Sessions will begin in early December.
  • Season will conclude early-mid March.