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This Division is for players that are 9 to 10 years old.

Cut-Off Date:
The date used to determine a players age is their age on December 31 of the PRIOR calendar year.

Age eligible players are must be born on or between 1/1/08 - 12/31/09.

      Example: If a player turns 9 after the cut-off date, they are too young and NOT eligible for this division
                      UNLESS they attend  tryouts for Gidget Division AND are accepted by the Commissioner.
      Example: If a player turns 11 before the cut-off date, they are not eligible for this division and will be moved to Debs                           Div UNLESS there is an acceptable reason presented to the Commissioner (this occurs on a limited basis)

- Teams are selected with generally 13-14 players on a team.
- Games are only played against other Clubs in the Yonkers Softball Federation (other Yonkers Recreational Clubs).
- Each child participates in the batting order and fielding positions (10 fielders). Players pitch.
- This is a competitive division.  There are standings recorded and end of season playoffs.
- Trophies are awarded to only the first place team.
- Participation Trophies are no longer awarded to all players.
- Tryouts are conducted solely for purposes of determining matched teams.
- If you are age eligible for this division, you will be placed on a team as long as your registration has been submitted on time AND your registration fees are paid in full.
- Once registration ends and teams are selected late registrations will be subject to a wait list.
- Schedules cannot be set until coaches are selected, teams are formed and field permits secured but generally there is 1 weekday game and 1 weekend game for this age group.

Begin/End Dates:
   1.  January to mid-March: Registration
   2.  Mid-Late March:  Coaches determined and Teams selected
   3.  Early-Mid April: Practices begin (weather dependent)
   4.  Late April to Mid June:  Games