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Recreational Baseball  Program

The Hillcrest Baseball program offers boys and girls ages 4 to 16 the opportunity to compete in spring, summer and fall leagues as well as postseason tournaments and all star games. 

The information set forth below relates to the Spring Recreational Baseball Season.  All players that register,  provided they register on time (see below), will be placed on a team.  For all Recreational Divisions (except for T-Ball Division) there are "tryouts" conducted for the purpose of selecting balanced teams (i.e. your child will not be "cut" from a recreational team, if you register on-time).

For Travel Baseball Program information see TRAVEL DIVISION tab under Baseball above.

NOTE: See Club Forms TAB on left menu under CLUB for document on Composite Bats that are acceptable to use.
-Scheduled Registration Period begins January 1 and ends March 1. If you register during this period you are guaranteed to be placed on a team.
-Late Registration Period will begin March 1 and end the day before teams are selected. This date is To-Be-Detemined but will occur mid-March. Any registration during this period will include a $25 late fee. See Registration Tab.
-Waitlist Registration Period will begin the day teams are selected [TBD] but typically mid-March. There is no guarantee you will be placed on a team if wait listed.  Pay attention to posted registration deadlines as late fees will be in effect.
-REPEAT: Once teams are selected, if you register late, you may not be placed on a team (register early).
-Registration fee will be $90 per player for the spring season (includes jersey and hat).
-There is an annual fee to become a member of the Club, which is $85.  You must be a member of the Club in order to register for the baseball program. Your family can register as members of the Club from the "Register On-Line Tab" on the left menu.

Divisons of Play and Age Cut-Off Dates:
Note: If you want your child to "play-up" a division you must (a) indicate it the comment section when registering and (b) attend tryouts for the older age group.  The player will be "moved-up" at the sole discretion of the baseball committe

T-Ball:            Born 2014, 2013             Note: Born 2013 can tryout for Instructional

Instructional:  Born 2012, 2011             Note: Born 2011 may tryout for Minors

Minors:           Born 2010, 2009, 2008   Note:  Born 2008/2009 tryout for Majors and may be placed in Majors or Minors     

Majors:            Born 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006   

Highschool:     Born 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002 

Teams are coached by parent volunteers. If interested in coaching or assisting upon registering your child indicate you would like to volunteer.  Coaches are generally assigned based on "seniority" (i.e. those with most seasons coaching a Hillcrest Baseball Team will awarded a team although Hillcrest Board can overlook seniority if circumstance warrant). If selected to coach a background check will be required..


-Tryouts dates will be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address used to register and also will be posted on this web site. 
-If a player misses tryouts they will still be placed on a team (if they are regsitered), however, in order for teams to be balanced it is important that players attend tryouts. Please make an effort to attend the tryouts on the indicated dates to improve the process of selecting balanced teams which makes for a fun competitive season for all participants.

Team Sponsors:

- We have had great support from the local community and the Club is in need of local merchants and parents to sponsor teams.  Please see the Sponsor tab for more information but in brief sponsorship results in a) company name on hats, b) plaque with team picture, and c) corporate banner displayed at Schultz Field during the course of the season.