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This Division is for players that are generally 7 or 8 years olds (generally in 2nd and 3rd grade).

Cut-Off Date:
The date used to determine a players age is their Calander Year of Birth:

Born 2012 = 7 Year Old

Born 2011 = 8 Year Old

Players Born 2013 are NOT eligible for this division UNLESS such player attends tryouts and is accepted at the sole discretion of the baseball committee.

Players Bornn 2010 are NOT eligible for this division and will play in the Minors UNLESS there is an acceptable reason presented to the Commissioner (this occurs on a very limited basis).


  • Teams are selected with generally 11 or 12 players on a team.
  • Games are only played against other Hillcrest teams.
  • Each child participates in the batting order and fielding positions (10 fielders). Coaches pitch (NO pitching by players).
  • Division is non-competitive.  Nno standings and no playoffs.  Participation trophies awarded to all players.
  • Tryouts conducted only for purposes of determining evenly matched teams.
  • If you are age eligible for this division, you will be placed on a team provided your registration has been submitted on time AND your registration fees have been paid in full.
  • Once registration ends and teams are selected, late registrations will be subject to a wait list.
  • Schedules cannot be set until coaches are selected, teams are formed and field permits secured but generally there is 1 weekday game and 1 weekend game.

Begin/End Dates:
   1.  January to mid-March: Registration
   2.  Mid-Late March:  Coaches determined and Teams selected
   3.  Early-Mid April: Practices begin (weather dependent)
   4.  Late April to Mid June:  Games