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Recreational (Core - Fundamentals) 1st and 2nd Grade


Our Core-Fundamentals program is for our 1st and 2nd grade (ages 6-7) to continue their soccer development.  Core-Fundamentals brings a more challenging level of play than what children experienced in the Little Kickers program.  Children will attend one practice per week, typically sometime between Monday thru Thursday, and will compete in soccer matches weekly on Saturdays.  Our Core-Fundamentals program will run for 8 weeks.  Parent volunteers will manage the team during game play.  Our New York City Football Club (NYCFC) partnership provides professional coaching for the weekly practice. Teams are coed at this age.


Practice: (Spring 2023)

Our core fundamental practice will be available Monday through Friday.  Children will be assigned a practice schedule for one time per week with the NYCFC coaches.  Most practice times will be between 4PM - 6PM.  This is subject to change depending on registration. 1st week of practice will begin March 27th.




Cleats required

Size 4 Soccer Ball



Uniforms are required to be purchased through www.soccer.com.  Upon signing up your child will be assigned a player number and a uniform kit will be available on Soccer.com.