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1. All participants in Travel Basketball must be family members of Hillcrest.

2. Participants need not play Rec League basketball.

3. For Travel basketball, all particpants must be residents of Yonkers (Tri County Rules). Note - this is not a requirement for rec basketball.

4. Travel seasons will be announced in email blasts to all members.

5. Registration will be open on a WAIT LIST basis. While on the waitlist, participants should not make payment.

5. If there is both (a). enough kids registered  (b). a willing coach a travel team can be formed. Hillcrest will not recruit players and / or coaches.

6. If there are more players registered than the coach wants to carry on his roster, tryouts must be held.

7. The form of the tryouts is at the discretion of the coach / Hillcrest basketball committee.

8. After tryouts, members will be informed if they have made the team. 

9. Payment should be made promptly.